Floating on Air


She's nowhere and everywhere,

Floating on air,

My Internet lover. 


In little packets she comes and goes,

Like a ghost in the night,

On vaporous ethernet.

And no one knows.


She materializes on a screen,

Like a dream in only two dimensions.

But she is as real as she seems,

In all her incarnations.


Like a Genie in a bottle,

I summon her from her cyberspace.

And she appears in an instant,

And vanishes again without a trace.


She is always warm and friendly,

With witty things to say.

I respond in a gentlemanly manner.

Wouldn't have it any other way.


Then last night, to my great plight,

She announced that her ISP had made her pay,

Too much for her existence,

And she had to go away.



Copyright 1999 (c) Ronald W. Hull



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