Floating on a Cloud

As I was floating on a cloud one day,
I passed over mountains on the way.
I passed over rivers. I passed over streams,
I passed over oceans full of dreams.

I passed over forests, full of trees.
I passed over valleys, verdant pleas.
I passed over you on my journeying,
with head and heart full of yearning.

Sky was no limit, for my cloud and me,
I blow with the wind, wild and free.
I blow with the wind wherever it goes.
Wherever my muse, the wind blows.

Wherever my muse took me,
soft as a breeze,
I floated a far,
I floated with ease.

On billowy white vapors of cloud,
I floated to where no one is allowed.
I floated to places that I've never been.
I floated to traces of where and when.

Floating is easy in the mind's eye,
just lean back, and give it a try.
Floating will take you to the great beyond.
To an ocean of ideas, beyond your pond.

For you may be a little fish in the sea,
searching your own little, "To be or not to be."
Why not soar like the eagle above the fray?
What's holding you back? Your ego today?

Well, back on my cloud; I'm on my way.
From this perspective I can see into the next day.
And from all my experience, it's sunny and bright,
so get on your cloud and float to the light.

View of Clouds

Just realized that I “Floated on a Muse,”
 two weeks ago… nevermnd.


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