Flight of Whimsey

I took a flight of whimsy,
A hundred and more kilometers high. 
I reached out with my magic wand,
And touched the coal black sky. 

The X Prize is within my grasp,
It will take but one more try. 
Five score and one years ago,
Since the brothers Wright first fly. 

Lifted us from mother earth,
To join the birds in flight. 
Now, the time has come,
To bid the birds goodnight. 

To take the leap of faith,
That our machines can ply. 
The reaches alien to our life,
And kiss blue sky goodbye. 

Where we can float free and clear,
Of gravities, but a trace. 
And gaze upon our mother sphere,
With eyes of new-found grace. 

A flight of whimsy so profound,
That when I’ve won the race. 
We can ride the wings of whimsey,
To our new home in outer space.

Apilot has her eye on space flight.


SpaceShipOne rides under the belly of White Knight to high altitude.


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Copyright 2004 © Ronald W. Hull


Photos Courtesy Scaled Composites

SpaceShipOne in outer space over Earth