The First Snow

After a warm day of muddy play,
we'd feel the chill on our arms.
Time to head for the house,
to the smell of cooking charms.

We put more wood on the fire,
as wisps of the front would warn.
Gramps felt it in his bones,
"It's gonna to be a nasty storm."

First rain, and then, sleet, fell,
Dad came home wet, with icy tears.
"Glad I got off early tonight, my dears.
Haven't seen one this bad in years."

We would watch by the window,
feeling a cold  draft leak through.
As the sleet turned to snow in the yard light,
and our world turned from old to new.

The magic of swirling snowflakes,
would set our minds adrift.
Magic castles in the sky,
with images of move and shift.

The vertigo of watching,
would make us mesmerized.
But soon our lids were drooping,
time to close our eyes.

Mom tucked us in our beds,
and we said our nightly prayer.
As soon as she had left the room,
we'd sneak to the window to stare.

The howling of the wind outside,
and swirling of the snow.
Watching snowdrifts building,
made our young hearts glow.

Suddenly, it was morning,
as sunlight brightly churned.
Seemed warmer than it really was,
the smell of bacon yearned.

We rushed to the back door,
and tried to open it up.
But snow was firm behind it,
and Mom shouted, "Eat up."

We wolfed down our oatmeal,
couldn't wait to get outside.
Hoping that our dog was safe,
and not buried in his hide.

Underwear, socks, shirts and pants,
sweaters over head, snow pants, yoe!
Scarves, muffs, mittens, coats and boots,
we were cocoons from top to toe.

Dad opened a window,
and we crawled out.
sunk halfway to our waists,
with a happy shout.

Crawling on our hands and knees,
we finally reached the shed.
Dug down to find good old Red.
Wagged his tail while we rubbed his head

All day Dad spent shoveling out the drive,
but we were in heaven, so glad to be alive.
We worked our magic with the snow,
made forts and caves that thrived.

Built a snowman midst snowball fights,
and made angels in the snow.
But time was short and the day waned.
In the west, the last Sun's glow.

With rosy cheeks and tingling feet,
we brushed off a day of packed snow.
Mom said, "Let's eat before it's cold."
And we sat down for a memory show.

For visions rose up in our heads,
as we ate our fill and finally, you know.
Went off to bed deep in thoughts,
with dreams of fun from our first snow.

Mom and Her Goat

Mom With Her Goat and Brother, circa 1932


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