You're Fired

There are two words that are hard to hear,
regardless of the time of year.
These two words are, "You're fired!"
Especially if soon after, "Your hired."

We all can't be entrepreneurs,
with businesses of our own.
It takes luck, hard work and skill,
and customers to condone.

The rich have capital reserves,
to get them through hard times.
To a struggling sole proprietor,
that heroic thought just pines.

So we must work for others,
for our daily bread.
Most work is not satisfactory,
but it's all we've ever had.

When we hear the words,
"We have to lay you off."
It does not soften the blow,
although we know it's scoffed.

Most of us have no safety net,
until our next paycheck.
Our bills become overdue,
frustrated, throw up our hands,
say stronger things than, "Oh heck!"

To be fired is a form of insult,
regardless of the cause.
It's hard to get over the anger,
doesn't give our thoughts pause.

To be laid off used to have a promise,
of coming back to work soon.
But it's used now for "financial exigency,"
replacing harsher words by goon.

If it weren't for two income families,
and unemployment checks.
Many more would go homeless,
at the whim of profit facts.

Few can get a "golden parachute,"
that the elite have to escape.
Wage slaves must suffer hardship,
eating retirement saved at rapid rate.

There is no good side to, "You're fired,"
although some will say it woke them up.
Those harsh words have a sting to them,
that leaves a bad taste in your cup.

What a blessing to be comfortably retired,
and never, ever have to hear again, "You're fired!"

Donald Trump - the symbol of the firing boss from the TV show, The Apprentice.

Boss Known - Source Unknown

It's not personal... It's just business... like hell it is!

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