Fiery Birth

Life is unsteady,
on this shaky earth,
for deep down inside,
is the source of its birth.

The heat of earth's center,
is a subject of worth,
blistering its surface,
for its entire girth.

And so it has been,
since the beginning of reason,
that men have feared,
the volcano's season.

So it was foretold,
that we would die by fire,
from deep in the earth,
on its own funeral pyre.

Salvation was high in the sky,
and fiery death far down below.
Dante described it as hell,
we have come to fear and know.

With fire and brimstone,
spewing gases of death,
we feared its wastelands,
and its fiery hot breath.

Heaven was in the sky,
and hell down below.
we'd either fly with the angels,
or suffer heat down real slow.

Hell's upper reaches,
were deep, dark, and dank,
filled with slime and death,
and muck that was so rank.

The bowels of the earth,
would swallow us up.
And floods would drown us,
from its sea's loving cup.

Scientists are learning,
the origins of life.
In the very same places,
so feared for their strife.

Microbes are thriving,
on the volcano's crest,
and blind fish are swimming,
in cave's depths, so fresh.

Where myths of destruction,
were conjured up in the past,
life is found to be plentiful,
some of the very first, not the last.

The old myths are crumbling,
in the face of the truth,
as our fiery origins,
are uncovered by the sleuth

Lava flows into the sea in Hawaii

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