Feel So Bad

I feel so bad,
yes, I feel so bad.
Ain't the worse day,
that I ever had.

But it's a bad day,
there is no doubt,
I feel like shit,
that's what it's about.

Woke up with a pain,
in my collarbone.
Headache so thick,
legs spasming to roam.

Of course, I stayed home,
and tried to work,
but that headache kept nagging me,
like a jerk.

The jerk in my legs,
turned to pain,
and the turmoil in my head,
became a migraine.

Of course I struggled,
and got this poem out.
A stomach upset's coming,
I have no doubt.

I'll see you next week,
when I feel better.
Back to my old self,
a real go-getter.

I has a bug...

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