Feel It Pumping

Feel it pumping,
Oil from the ground. 

Gas in the pipeline,
From town to town. 

The sine wave beat,
Electricity transformed down. 

Big pistons pumping,
Engines round and round. 

The steady thumping,
To the tires’ whining sound. 

The churning rhythm,
Our world turns around. 

Waves hit the shore,
Sand grind and pound.

Birds’ wings a pumping,
Turning mount to mound.

A dog's leg a thumping,
Scratching to the sound. 

Two dancers spinning. 
As the beat goes round. 

Two lovers humping,
New life coming down. 

Feel my heart beating,
And so it goes round. 

Can't you feel it, . . .   life

The Human Heat:  Texas Heart Institute

Texas Heart Institute

Copyright 2004 © Ronald W. Hull



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