Family and Friends


No matter how the road wends,

It's wonderful, once again, to see family and friends.


Though you may have to drive near or far,

You can only see them from a car. 


Rolling over hill and over dale,

Vistas unfurl the Masters to pale. 


Miles of concrete and two-lane blacktop

Cruise control like you'd never stop.


The texture of fields and forests blend into view,

Festooned with wild flowers of varied hue.


Blues and yellows, and pure whites too,

Join the subtle greens edged by a sky so blue.


Savor the scent of the new mown hay,

Bask in the glow of the waning day.


Pull into a yard with beaming faces.

A joyful greeting, and the road ache erases. 


Cotton white and corn high,

The peace of plenty fills the sky.


As we gather in the warm sunset.

To quietly reminisce and dream of yet.


Another day on the road ahead,

My engine throbbing, sky overhead.


Tires singing their mournful song,

Knowing, it won't be long.


I'll once again be, in the company,

Of family and friends.


Copyright 2000 © Ronald W. Hull



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