Fall Front

A fall front fell from continental high
spread cross the land of big sky.

Rattling windows ere she went,
as if some vengeance, she to vent.

They call her Mariah on the Great Plains;
a foreboding of winter; time to pull in the reins.

Time to caulk up the cracks in humble abodes.
Time to stock up on warmth before chill erodes.

For the chill wind announces the coming of death,
with the killing of food sources by its cold breath.

All must scurry and gather food fore the frost.
Bask in the brief blue sky days soon to be lost.

Indian summer with its crisp, clean air,
gurgling clean spring water for all to share.

These days of plenty so soon will be gone,
but life on the prairie still must move on.

Gird its loins for coming winter and hunker down;
still rejoice and sing by firelight with nary a frown.

When all is well and everyone snug in their homes;
more fall fronts can blow where the buffalo roams.

Prairie Sunset by Duke LaRance

Prairie Sunset © Duke LaRance

It's that time of year again when we
feel cold fronts coming through.

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