It's hard to tell a fake from a phony,
they all spread the same baloney.

There is something in their character ingenuine,
something hiding in them like a gremlin.

That makes them exaggerate a bit,
and lead others into believing their bullshit.

It always starts with a little lie,
that they use to get over or just get by.

A crutch or support if you like,
to cover a flaw, inferiority, or dislike.

Inside, they know it's not true,
so they seek others to verify their view.

The human psyche is easily conned.
To the fake, it becomes a magic wand.

A pseudonym is a good place to start,
create a persona with a big heart.

Schmooze the masses to bring them in,
slay them with kindness and ply them with a grin.

Exaggerate all you want,
they'll never question your file or font.

Some fakes are so good they make lots of money.
An incentive for others to follow the honey.

So if you are a guru, apostle, or poet,
and you are faking it there are some who know it.

Your fame will last as long as your charm shines,
your house of cards will fall as tarnish claims.

The illusion you work so carefully to create,
but bullshit is bullshit and for you it's too late.

Illusion of Pain:  Indian Fakir


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