Faith and Fury

We had good faith that fateful day,
We’d storm the beaches and blow Hitler away.

God was on our side with all his might.
He’d guide our way as day turned to night,
of the hell of war.

Like never before the sky turned smoke,
The din of big guns roar as if God spoke,

Staccato fire from machine guns cut our ranks,
Bloodied the water, for firm sand gave thanks.

Bodies on bodies, will anyone survive the day?
I reached for my buddy’s hand as he was blown away.

Gung-ho with body parts and blood galore,
We gagged on the bile and pushed on for more.

Pinned down by fire, we sacrificed lives,
to break through their wire and into their hives.

Through the tangle of hellfire and into the breech,
we climbed to the headland and secured the beach.

Surveying the smoldering carnage that lay below,
it was hard to believe we’d settled the score,
and gained a foothold… once more.

D-Day beach from a German private's view.

Photo by German Private


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