A review of his new book was slightly overrated,
the report of his demise was a bit too premature.

His life of exploits will be likewise exaggerated,
of that we can be sure.

Always on the right side,
to cast off any doubt.

The expletives will be deleted,
and the hyperbole will be fleshed out.

Ladder climbers all in the perfect fight,
carefully building rungs of bogus right.

To complement their fear of light,
upon their feats so shameless.

A personality cult of bloated proportion,
filled with jackass and elephantile doubt.

Enough hot air for global warming,
that one pinprick would let out.

So if you float a trial balloon,
on the resume of fame.

Hackers will get your goods,
and expose you in the game.

Keep your exaggeration to yourself,
and keep your own good name.


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Read War's End, the Novel

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