Just as all energy,
equals mass,
sometime in the future,
sometime in the past.

So it is with our world,
disappearing so fast.

For nothing is permanent,
on a universal scale.
One side is vibrant,
the other side is pale.

If you don't cry in your beer,
it still will get stale.

That world you see out there,
is in a state of motion.
What appears to be solid,
undulates like the ocean.

Gas, liquid, or solid,
is all just a notion.

Charmed quarks and pi mesons,
in the universe of their own,
spin violently erratic,
to their own spacey tone.

Shape the world with movement,
and never leave it alone.

If we could look deeply,
into the hardest of stone,
we could see it squirming,
like a termite's home.

For all is temporal,
and on the roam.

So the next time you see,
Patina on a fine antique,
it is entropy working,
its goal to seek.

For all is nothing,
after its peak.

Artist's Black Hole - NASA

Artist's rendition of a black hole
courtesy NASA

In time, all things are impermanent

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