The English Language


I've always enjoyed the way my friends from other countries say things.  It's more than their accents; it's the way they express themselves with the vocabulary they've acquired.  Here are three examples from Beh (whose mother tongue is Vietnamese, but speaks English like an American).  I thought of sending them to Reader's Digest, but will post them here instead.


When she started driving my '73 Monte Carlo, I told her to be careful and listen when filling it, because gasoline would gush out if she overfilled it.  One of the first times she tried filling it, she came back smelling of gasoline.  I asked what happened.  She replied, "I couldn't hear the voice of the gasoline!"


The other night she was discussing what to wear to the gym she's going to.  She said, "I need to wear stockings, because I don't want to show the roots on my legs."


This morning she was getting me ready in the bathroom and had a teapot on the stove in the kitchen heating water for my coffee.  Suddenly, she said, "Oh, I have to go.  Your coffee is yelling at me."

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