Where Eagles Dare

Dare I would go where eagles fly,
To that primal shore, in the long gone by. 

When reptiles ran, to catch the wind.
Into a strange sky, flapping skin.

Momentarily airborne if not in flight. 
Lifting off against gravity’s might.

Some would make it; some would not. 
Some would soar; some would rot.
Light of bone, and hawk of eye,
These dinosaurs would learn to fly. 

Learn to float on thermal draft,
Learn to hunt from precarious shaft.

Of tall trees and through their leaves,
Leaving clouds behind with ease.

Dodging raindrops in full flight.
Challenging the wind’s greatest might.
Feathers over scaly skin,
Does not hide the talon’s sin.

Sinking into unsuspecting prey,
Tearing flesh the dinosaur way.

So if you love our feathered friends,
Think of that far off shore again,

And cringe.

Two bald eagles fight over a fish

Bald Eagles Fight Over a Fish

Copyright 2003 © Ronald W. Hull



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