Drops of Eden

Drops of Eden fell below.
Whether rain or tears,
They did not know.

High in the canopy,
that protects Mother Earth,
the leaves that nurtured them,
gave them birth.

The gradual warming,
transformed the sea.
Belched forth carbon dioxide,
that none could see.

The air grew heavy,
and full of doubt.
The unsuspected,
never figured it out.

Plants grew skyward,
looking for sun.
Through clouds and mist,
they struggled,
but found none.

Still, they grew,
spurred on by something,
they never knew.

The very gas that clouded the sky,
had given them this growth,
to seek the high.

As time passed,
a lush forest grew.
Ushered out the old,
ushered in the new.

Tiny creatures myriad as leaves,
evolved and flourished,
in the trees.

When the Sun finally broke through,
the leaves rejoiced and greener grew.

All of the creatures,
hid in the shade.
Fearing the brightness,
of the light's sharp blade.

And so the circle,
had turned full cast.
And the land of Eden,
had returned at last.
Rain Forest Canopy

Rain Forest Canopy

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