I will not drone on and bore you,
but I must implore you,
drones are in your future,
and that's no lie.

Drones will drone on,
like a boring song,
invading your space,
and your own private sky.

Google already knows,
precisely where you live,
but that's only from,
its satellite eye on high.

Drones can now fly,
like a helicopter hovering,
almost without a sound,
to sneak all around,
and take you down.

While a space jockey watches,
from 20,000 leagues away,
recording everything he sees,
for the great bye-and-bye.

With privacy lost,
Will there be a cost?
Will we ever be free,
from the anonymous pry?

From eyes on the prowl,
like a dog without a growl,
in your bathroom like a,
proverbial fly on the wall?

You'd better watch out,
you'd better not pout,
Uncle Sam knows your way.

He knows where you are,
he knows what you say,
he knows if you're good,
if bad, he'll hold you at bay.

So you'd better be good,
and let it all hang out,
so your Uncle will get bored,
with your drone and fly away.

Hummingbird Drone

Hummingbird Drone © Jamie Chung

Look for one in your personal space soon.


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