A moodiness appears on days like this,
when darkness hangs upon the sky.

When gloom and doom roil in clouds,
as they scud angrily upon their high.

Where down below a pall hangs over,
darkening, dreary, depressing, scene.

A putrid, pallid, pitied pattern of pain,
slides in over slippery slopes unseen.

Fading landscape's melancholy faŤade,
coloring mind's most murky thought.

Into dark and dreary, tearful and bleary,
states of being so often overwrought.

No comforting thoughts can break the spell,
dreary's got a hold of one's mind in hell.

Alcohol burns and the fire's flame tries to quell,
those deep dark memories only time would tell.

Until the sun, once again, returns to light,
dreary will reign in the half-light of night.

Rays of its splendor will peek from the clouds.
Mind will light up and chase away dread.

Once again, lighting up hope, just ahead.

After the Storm (c) Rachel Gnagy

After the Storm © Rachel Gnagy

Today started out to be quite dreary.
The sun just appeared as I finished my
first draft of the poem.

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