Dream Lover

Dream lover where are you?
I've searched forever to find one true,
So true blue, one just like you.

So many lovers, like grains of sand.
Some held far off; some close at hand.
When will I find one like you?

A beautiful heart, a beautiful mind,
Incomparable beauty so hard to find.
So true, and so like you.

The years pass quickly like sips of wine.
The longer I know you the more I find.
Ones like you are hard to find.

Life is short and time grows dear,
My search grows nearer year after year.
Oh, when will I find one like you?

I've dreamed of a lover all my time,
I've dreamed of a lover with perfect rhyme.
One like you who fills my mind.

Dream lover, when will I find?
Searching in all the wrong places.
Looking at so many faces.

Only to find that the image in my mind,
Has been waiting patiently just behind.
You are the dream that I find.

Beh with orchid


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Copyright 2004 © Ronald W. Hull