Doctor Bill

Don't you just love that untimely Doctor Bill?
When he comes unexpectedly over life's up hill.

Doctor Bill comes because he has a Hippocratic oath,
to render you services, needed or not, for what it's worth.

He'll keep you alive beyond all rhyme or reason,
using tubes and probes--whatever is in season.

Doctor Bill has the latest diagnostic expensive equipment.
His clinics are posh, spotlessly awaiting the next shipment.

Of his latest pharmaceuticals with a brand name so sure,
the ones you see on television and you must, "Ask him for."

Doctor Bill is a pill popping mama of the very friendly kind.
He'll dispense you some killer stuff with no guilt on his mind.

He's now got everyone addicted to his greatest, latest cure.
Don't worry, Doctor Bill will have a new one, come next year.

Politicians are sure they can shrink Doctor Bill by insurance,
instead of shrinking big Med, big Pharm and their a/inffluence.

The bribery is good and keeps the blood money pumping,
Doctor Bill is in the loop, so his minions keep humping.

Serving the good doctor in more ways than one,
mix a little medicine with your greedy, good fun.

And when you ask for an accounting of it all,
you run up against HIPPA... The most hypocritical of all.

A typical

Small Hospital Bill of $110,000 Courtesy LucidReality Blog

It seems that everyone is upset about insurance while doctors, clinics,
pharmacies and hospitals continue to charge outlandish prices for
everything "healthcare" along with increasing costs far beyond the
normal cost of living increase each year. Who is going after them?
No one is also asking why they are charging so much. I would guess
that it's because they take in many charity cases unable to pay without
insurance and charge more for other services to those who can pay to cover these losses.

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