Dragon Daze

Those were the days, my friend,
those were the days...

When dragons roamed,
throughout the land,
and knights of yore,
took their stand.

Took might and right,
with their fabled band,
and slew the dragon,
for the maiden's hand.

When dragon dreams,
filled children's schemes,
and flights of fancy flourished.

Like pearls of olde,
plucked from sands of gold,
these dreams, they are cherished.

Deep in the haze,
of those golden olden days,
the memories have grown
old and dim.

But childhood's best,
when left to rest,
in the hazy daze of youth.

In grown-up rhyme,
there is no dragon time,
only time for truth.

Until the restless mind,
grows tired of counting time,
and seeks those daze,
once so uncouth.

To fulfill once again,
the hazy dragon daze,
as foretold by an ancient sooth

Rad the Magic Dragon --Woodcut

A Magic Dragon--Woodcut  8.5″ x 12″ Dale Phelps,
was a retired Iowa orthopedic surgeon and
prostate cancer survivor. “Rad represents
the X-ray therapy as it attacks and kills
the cancer cells. I thought of this image
 while undergoing therapy to add some
mind/body therapy to the irradiation treatment”

Dale  lost his battle with prostate cancer in 2009.

My grandfather never went to a doctor. 
He died of prostate cancer at 71.

Bloch Cancer Foundation


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