Draggin’ Ass Dreams

We all have draggin’ ass dreams.
You know what that means,
bursting at the seams.

Wild ass schemes,
countless wet dreams,
and steamy moonbeams.

Shooting from our asinine minds.
You know the kinds, inspiring signs,
as we drag our mindless behinds.

Closer to death's door,
with each passing hour,
and nowhere to shower.

Off the shame that we feel,
for not being real,
when we signed the seal.

To our fate, always late,
while we procrastinate,
pushing back the date.

When we'll get real.
And say what we feel,
and really began to deal.

With our draggin’ ass dreams.

Dog Draging Ass

Image Courtesy LaughingatDumb.com

A shout out to all my lazy friends. 
Try substituting “dragon” for draggin’
if you’re a fantasy freak.

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