Down on the Ranch

Down on the ranch,
At the river’s branch,
On a hot summer’s day. 

Horsemen park cars,
Like movie stars,
While children run to play. 

Green grass slopes,
As the live oak mopes,
Its underbrush stripped away.

To a cypress infested lake. 
Canadian geese languidly slake
Their hunger by the muddy bay. 

Pedal paddlers break the mirror.
Prompting gators to steer clear.
Catfish quiet place to stay. 

A train to nowhere,
Takes you out there,
Where no one is found. 

Giving panoramic view,
With each curve rails chew
To a familiar, clickity-clack sound,

Barbecue fills the sticky air. 
Grab a plate and grab a chair.
Beer wash those calories down.

Loudspeakers blare,
Shattering the heavy air.
Making conversation a clown.

Above it the rumble,
Of a storm in assemble.
Washing the heat to the ground.

Sitting in swelter,
Of the pavilion’s shelter. 
We welcome the storm brought breeze.

We don't have to worry.
We don't have to hurry.
Bring on the rain with dispatch.

It's just another day,
Good reason to stay.
Down on the ranch. 

Copyright 2002 © Ronald W. Hull



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