Don'ta Quit


I met an interesting elderly Black gentleman the other day while riding to work on MetroLift.  He spoke with a heavy Italian accent.  He explained that, like Franco Harris and Prince, his mother was Italian.  He immigrated from Italy in his youth to New York, but never lost his accent.  He also proudly confided the he was a first cousin to Johnnie Cochran, the famous defense attorney.


When I went to leave the van, my driver, Neecie, was having trouble putting the footrest on my wheelchair.  It wouldn't fit, but she kept trying until we discovered that she was trying to put the right footrest on the left side.  The right one fit easily.


Upon seeing her struggle and eventual success, my new-found friend quipped, "If it don'ta fit, you musta notta quit!"


Copyright 1997 © Ronald W. Hull 




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