Dog's World

In this world its dog eat dog,
I like 'em hot, a foot long log.

I doggedly track down life's highway,
dog tracking cockeyed, but my way.

When I'm dog tired and dragged out,
like to lay on my back, legs up, and pout.

I watch my step in this dog's world,
it's hard to get off once it's soiled.

Took a dog leg on the golf course,
and lifted it on a tree.
The other members weren’t amused.
They arrested me.

I mark my territory with great care,
if you cross that line better beware.

To get ahead requires a pac[k],
a lone wolf loses in an attack.

Doggy style is fine and it's okay,
but once in a while I change my play.

Watch my teeth when I am mad,
my bark is greater than my bite, I'm glad.

I'm a dog and have to admit,
so ladies, when I pant, just tell me to, "Sit."

My Signature

My Signature

Dedicated to a dog savior, Ed Kostro, who’s
saved dogs in worse shape than me.

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