There were two

Dogs of War

The dogs of war keep nipping at our heels,
but most have no idea how it feels.
For those that have not felt that fear,
they simply fantasize and cheer.
Their heroes always win.

Knowing that they are coming close,
and the fear creeps up your spine,
your life hangs in the balance,
and there is no magic lifeline.

To be torn from your country,
a refugee with no home.
To stay would be suicide,
when the dogs of war roam.

For there is no redeeming mercy,
when a bomb goes off in your face.
Or you are savagely beaten,
while a rifle butt takes your place.

There is nothing patriotic,
about going off to war.
We paint wonderful pictures of it,
conveniently omitting the horror.

We think of country and honor,
when we should think of lost lives.
People caught in fatal circumstance,
where the dog of war thrives.

For wars are fought for power,
wars are fought for pride.
Wars do much more harm than good,
a fact we cannot hide.

So the next time the dogs of war,
come howling at your door.
Think twice about what you wished for,
like so many gone before.

There is no glory in victory,
with so many innocent dead.
There is no leaving it behind,
for soldiers with the dogs of war,
still running wild in their head.

(c) Dogs of War Online

Scene from 2p Game , (c) Dogs of War Online

When our leaders are convinced through fear
that our only recourse is to begin barking like
dogs of war, we should really began to question
their leadership. They will never sacrifice their
own, but will send countless innocent or patriotic
to their death to gain victory and glory.

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