Do As I Say


Tinker, trucker or tailor, don't do as I do,
I want to have a much better life for you.
Do as I say, and not as I do,
a much better life, I want for you.

Don't be a banker of other people's money,
for you will be beholden to them that you use.
The You can never satisfy that thirst for more,
that temptation to steal will always abuse.

Don't come home drunk and beat your wife,
don't leave your children haunted all their life.
You have no excuse for beating her so,
have the courage to stop and tell yourself, No!


Don't be a gambler and waste all your money,
the temptation is great in the land of milk and honey.
But gambling has always had a slippery downside,
you're up with adrenaline, but down on your pride.

Don't live unhealthy and use up your youth,
so many wasted pastimes that are just uncouth.
Smoking, drinking, drugging and bad food,
will bring you down in time, change your mood.


Don't take risks that you can't back up.
Some risks are too costly to drink from that cup.
Recognize danger before it's too late,
don't put your loved ones in your fate.

Don't be a salesman and sell yourself short.
Each quarter better than the last you report.
At some point those quarters will decline,
and all those dollars spent to your last dime.


Father and Son At Sunset

Father and Son Free Photo On Pixabay

Recalling my father coming home drunk and telling me
not to be a trucker like him. Later on another occasion
he claimed that I would need a college education to drive a truck.

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