Nature is the best landscaper,
perfecting every niche and cranny.
Nurturing every new form of life,
like a well-trained perfect nanny.

Survival is a hard-won fight,
winnowing the sick and weak,
so the strong can take flight,
and hiding places for the meek.

There's only so much in nature's cup,
survival decides what is coming up.
And what is going down.
There's no way around.

Nature provides from its bounty.
And nature takes away in time.
Nature shows no unnatural mercy.
Yet there is a method in its rhyme.

The result is a fantastic array of life.
Flora and fauna symbiotically intertwined.
Resulting in diversity and biological strength.
As though it were created by a superior mind.

But man thinks he's superior to nature's ways,
a Johnny-come-lately, he plots his days.
Seeking to get the most in his grasp,
not thinking about how long it will last.

So man has been dismantling nature's wonder,
selectively harvesting in ways more like plunder.
Carelessly driving some species from life,
not heeding what he has brought asunder.

But nature rules in the end.
If man sullies his nest to his own demise.
He will surely pay the price of his wend.
Long after man's gone, diversity will,
once again, arise.

Mangroves Shelter Life - National Geographic

Best of Underwater Photography 2016 © David Doubilet and
Jennifer S. Hayes, National Geographic br>

We are carelessly, either by rich man's plunder and
artificial gardening or by poor man's desperate struggle
to find food and water, destroying the diversity of
nature to our own peril.

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