I'm lost.
I'm lost and I don't know why.
The jazz is gone and I'm gonna die.

I hung on till she let go.
Surrendered her life to the flow.
Looked and looked, but no.

They took my boy to make him safe,
now he's just a wandering waif.
Doesn't know his name.

Rescued Barney from near-death.
Couldn't bark his master's name.
Ripped from home just the same.

Where are the friends I once knew?
House is gone,
Neighborhood, too.

Where is the job I once knew?
Company is gone,
scattered into the milieu.

A little money in my pocket,
a bed and food,
I can't knock it.

But I've lost my sense of place.
Endlessly, in my mind I roam,
for my disconnected home.
Unpluged from society


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Copyright 2005 © Ronald W. Hull