Dinosaur Dawn


Wake-up! The time has come. 

For all good people to stand as one. 


There is no time to take sides,

For on this planet, everyone rides. 


There is no time for greed and vice,

Don't look back; don't think twice. 


There is no time for religious zeal. 

Only time left to repeal. 


The laws that keep us in our place,

Keep us from the human race. 


Separating us and our stations,

Building barriers with our nations. 


Wake-up! And realize that we are one,

So that before the day is done. 


We can rise to the task. 

Rebuild our planet while we last. 


Stop fighting and bickering like little children,

And rise above our fear. 


It's all for one, and one for all,

Or we will not last beyond that year.


When, like that distant dinosaur dawn,

We are gone. 


What legacy will we leave,

For what lives on?


Copyright 2002 © Ronald W. Hull




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