I want to ying your yang,
but I don't know,
if you're black or white?

Sometimes you're up,
sometimes you're down.
But are you wrong,
or are you right?

Sometimes you sing,
sometimes you cry.
Is it day or night,
when you look at the sky?

Are you rich or poor,
in everyone's' sight?
Are you in the dark,
or out in the light?

Are you liberal,
but conserve your cash?
Do you recycle,
or throw out the trash?

Are you idealistic,
more down to earth?
A boy or a girl,
at your birth?

Is in heaven or hell,
that you are worth?
Think that it is time,
to get down to earth.

And bask in the middle,
of the road.
Where you're likely squashed,
like a toad.

Beh on Valentine's Day

Life is not, black or white, only shades of gray…
Rather dull, don’t you think?  Let your color play


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