Diamonds in the Rust

To drive down automobile row,
where grease monkeys thrive,
and life goes by both fast and slow.

Or visit junkyard relics of the past,
recalling memories of romancing,
adventuring and going way too fast.

Finding a dust covered jewel in a barn,
a target of pigeons looking forlorn,
while listening to another old yarn.

One that's been trapped in a garage,
good intentions but neglected instead,
hopes of restoration only a mirage.

Out in the fields or deep in the wood,
dragged there long ago and left for good,
rusting and wishing if only they could.

In a stable of some hoarder's desire,
abandoned like a puppy in an old bin,
only to raise some neighbor's ire.

To be rediscovered and dragged on out,
a discoverer's delight, a scream and shout.

Off to the shop to be torn down and cleaned,
every part savored, refinished and preened.

Dents pounded out and surfaces smoothed,
the finest of finishes new or improved.

Engines overhauled to run like new,
running gear improved or restored to queue.

Electrics all working better than spec,
nothing escapes a thorough safety check.

Interiors restored to their former glory,
new finishes and bright colors tell the story.

Crank her up for a quick ride,
wave at the neighbors with pride.

There is something beautiful,
about restoring the past.
It's a part of our history,
we should make it last.

There is no downside,
to projects like these.
If they don't make money,
they put the mind at ease.

A little bit of history,
one can drive and enjoy.
A once neglected throwaway,
it is now a new toy.

1935 Ford Coupe with Cadillac engine and Packard Grille

I've been watching too many flippin'
car restoration shows...

1935 Ford rat rod my brother and I liberated
for $100.  Replaced the ugly Packard grille
with a 32 grille shell.  Cadillac V8 power got
her down the road until I rolled her at 80 mph.

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