Dew Drop Clause

It gives me great pause,
thinking of a cause,
like getting my paws,
on a dew drop clause.

Now you can dew drop in,
or you can dew drop out,
for if I don't get you,
don't scream and shout.

For me to fathom,
what's in your head,
when you scribble in symbols,
neither living nor dead.

I'm damned if I did it,
and damned if I don't.
I won't take it personal,
no I won't, I just won't.

So before you sign in,
and start bearing your claws,
pay careful attention,
to the dew drop clause.

For life is worth living,
and having a little fun.
A poke in the ribs,
a play on a pun.

Never killed anyone,
like the bullet from a gun,
so put a smile on your face,
and that gloom on the run.

The dew drop clause,
is sealed… and done.

Lady Bugs on a Dew Laden Blade of Grass Wallpaper

Some folks take their poems
too serially… how ‘bout you?

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