The devil is in the details,
and not some hellish place.
For he or she is not to blame,
nor, the human race.

There is no God above us,
no devil down below.
Just you and me and our misery,
when we understand too slow.

As science slowly sorts the truth,
we like to lie a lot.
For truth is dull and boring,
and keeps us on the spot.

Set forth by our ancestors,
far too many years ago.
The myth of an ultimate power,
shaping things below.

But that power is waning,
with each new truth revealed.
Those that want to keep the power,
always seem to be well-heeled.

The status quo is what they want,
and human rights repealed.
So they can continue the charade,
their sovereignty still sealed.

But as we peer into life,
and find our detailed destiny.
Revealing who we really are,
and why we're not that free.

The Details

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