We depend on the weather,
To do what it knows.
We expect in the spring,
Rain for new clothes.

We expect our friends,
To be there in need.
To know that they are true,
In both word and deed.

We trust that our technology,
Works every time.
Make simple the tasks,
Otherwise so trying.

We eat right and exercise,
To keep our bodies in tune.
So that everything is easy,
And life is our room.

But when the weather goes wrong,
And we are caught in its grip.
We curse the Almighty,
For giving us a bad trip.

When our friends deceive us,
Lie, cheat and steal.
Shock, depression or anger,
Into our minds will wheel.

When our technology breaks down,
And refuses to be fixed.
It cuts off our right arm,
And makes us feel hexed.

And when our body betrays us,
Through accident or disease.
We wrack in the its misery,
As death comes to ease.

We are all dependent,
There is no doubt.
Some just take longer,
To find out.


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