Democracy and Dissent

The majority rules and it is right,
Keeps us from the indecisive fight. 
But the majority isn't always right. 
A minority of one may see the light. 

The majority controls our wealth,
There is no need to control with stealth. 
There is enough for all to share,
Greed and hoarding we need beware. 

The majority holds ideas tight. 
But needs are changing in our sight. 
Bad old ways must be cast aside
We cannot in the past abide.

The majority should not fear,
The cry of need that reaches ear. 
Should embrace it with open arms,
Not incase it in laws that harm. 

Democracy is safe with loyal dissent. 
When dissent is quashed democracy is wrent. 
If the majority believes its own malarkey. 
Our democracy becomes an oligarchy. 

What would our founding fathers think of that?
Marching in protest to our rights.


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Read War's End, the Novel

Copyright 2004 © Ronald W. Hull