Dead in the Water

“We can fix the problem,” the out-sourcer cheerfully replied.
“Just give me control of your computer to do it.” She plied.
Six techs and a month of Sundays later, she lied.
Old XP, she still crashes mightily, and my work’s on a slide.

My voice file recognizer got compromised and shut down,
My voice file followed suit and left me with a frown.
Reinstalling Dragon NaturalySpeaking only faltered,
Somehow, even my installation disk was altered.

Undeterred, Microsoft deferred to research the problem.
“Please play with your computer until we call.”
The system started giving blue screens regularly,
Today, couldn’t work at all.

Microsoft, the enterprise giant, controls the techie mall.
Selling cheap and licensing deep, they seem above the pall.
Hackers wait in the wings, ferreting out every pitfall.
Programs don’t match, hardware doesn’t attach, no eye is on the ball.

Apple frowns on the enterprise model, only on the goal,
To build a computer that works great, a simple, productive whole.
Linux frees the game board, so re-tired Bill won’t own your soul.
Soon, we’ll all talk to our computers, and Microsoft can go to hell.

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