Deadly Routine

Wake-up.  Out of bed. 
Drag yourself to shower. 
Stomach same old cereal,
At this ungodly hour. 

Two cups of coffee,
Your head to clear. 
Set out for work,
And drive your dear. 

Outsourced parenting,
Was once the rage. 
Now it is just,
Checked off the page. 

Into the fast lane,
For a long commute. 
Many stop and goes later,
We slide into the chute. 

Of programmed tedium,
In our cubicled space. 
A cog in the machinery,
Of corporate waste. 

Take all the breaks,
That get you by. 
Slip a long lunch,
Surf on the sly. 

Have to leave early,
My child, you see. 
Fight schoolyard traffic,
And errands for thee. 

Microwave dinner,
Or fast food tonight. 
Must catch the game,
Or not living right. 

Pour a double,
And pay the bills. 
Will they ever end?
These childhood ills?

Throw in a video,
And check the e-mail. 
This life your living,
Is a private jail. 

So it's off to bed. 
To dream the same dream. 
How to get rid of this boring life,
In your mind's endless scheme. 

And then you get up,
And do it all over again.

Copyright 2004 © Ronald W. Hull


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