The Day Before Christmas


'Twas the day before Christmas,

And all through the house.

An air of unanticipated panic,

Itched like a louse.


I was sleeping alone,

Hungover, in bed.

Visions of winning the lottery

Spinning 'round in my head.


When suddenly, I awoke,

To such a clatter.

The sound of my head hitting the floor, as I fell out of bed,

Was what was the matter.


I arose to see,

My place like a shipwreck.

I fell back into bed, and to myself I said,

"What the heck."


Then, the phone rang,

With such glee.

That I slammed into the dresser,

And banged my knee.


"Yea," I  said,

Clinching my teeth.

"What can I do you for."

Rubbing myself beneath.


What did I hear?

To my surprise.

But my mother's voice.

It made my blood pressure rise.


"Hi sweetie, we're here at the airport.

Won't you come and pick us right up?

Does your Lexus have a rear cup holder?

For my coffee cup?"


I looked around my dingy little rented dig,

And let out a wail.

Now they would find out.

That all my success was fail.


My fine degrees, stock options and such.

The house, filled with friends and rare art.

Were all figments of my imagination,

To keep them happy and us apart.


Donning my leathers,

A cold wind in my face.

My Harley sputtered, then cranked up.

And I rode off to my disgrace.


I didn't have no tree,

No last minute shopping to worry about.

But my head was filled with dread.

What would they think when they found me out?


The airport was crowded,

With the hurried and happy passing through.

I pushed on through the crowds.

Tears obscured my view.


In the lounge they waited.

One large, happy family.

Brothers, sister, cousins, all decked out.

What a sight to see.


"Mom, ..." I started to say.

"That's okay, son, we know, ... we know.

I hope you parked your Harley safely, dear,

We're leaving right away."


After hugs and salutations

We boarded a silvery sleigh.

To the islands for the Holidays

My cares so far away.


I thought to myself,

As the city disappeared from sight.

May you all be as happy as me,

And your Christmas as bright.


Copyright 1998 © Ronald W. Hull



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