Dark of the Moon

The old wolf howled at the dark of the moon,
The old wolf howled at the dark of the moon
hat seemed very strange since it was half past noon.

My time was up and the wolf was at the door,
I even thought I heard the raven caw, "Nevermore."

The clouds were closing in on me,
and I could hear their silent, stifling roar.

I conjured up a rage not seen this age,
an unwelcome feeling never felt before.

But I felt with my fingers the sword of almighty fate,
and brandished it with words that evened the score.

The dark of the moon had come way, way too soon,
but I slashed through the night to daylight once more.

And the old wolf shrank in fear, tail ‘tween its legs,
and the dark moon shone brightly like never before.

Howling at the Moon

Image Courtesy HDWallpapers

A little bit of moon nonsense that
I threw together so that readers can
come to their own conclusions. 
How do I feel?  Wtth my fingers.

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