Dark Horse

Looking for a dark horse,
come riding out of the blue,
who wouldn't want a dark horse,
teach us a thing or two?

Locked in perpetual struggle,
two sides of the same coin.
No one worthy in all of politics,
except to profit and purloin.

It's all a game of connection,
that tends to favor party hacks.
Need for intelligence and wisdom,
that every candidate clearly lacks.

Money greases the skids,
of every political move.
It seems the only way to slide,
is within a party groove.

Tired of stately favorite sons,
and those by dynasty ordained.
Tired of those who buy with riches,
as though wealth, power proclaimed.

Looking for a dark horse,
with no prior political acclaim.
From the heartland of honesty,
with no axes ground to flame.

Back to the purpose of the people,
and not the skewed parties' planks.
One who will carry the torch of change,
not a platform of shady pranks.

To face each situation fairly,
not kowtowing to the party line.
Someone who will defy Congress,
when it wastes the peoples' time.

Someone humble, courteous and kind.
Not pumped up, pompous and mean,
powered by money, ego and false fame.
Listening carefully to every legitimate claim.

With built-in leadership abilities,
that can inspire all citizens' hearts,
not someone on an ego power trip,
concerned more with pop poll charts.

Looking for that dark horse,
to come riding into view.
I would vote for a dark horse,
certainly... wouldn't you?

Amazing Dark Horse

Dark Horse Courtesy WallpaperUp.com

While every candidate should be commended for stepping
forward and for their hard work and dedication (especially
to their party), not all candidates have the right stuff to
be a good president. The country has survived bad presidents
in the past. But in this century, we are faced with some
problems that require immense vigor, determination, patience,
and worldwide cooperation to solve. None of the current
presidential candidates possess what is necessary and needed,
That's why this poem was written to encourage someone out there,
perhaps not even from one of the two major political parties,
to come forth and make the ballot in November. Someone for
all of the people.

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