Dark and Dreary

Dark and dreary painted on the sky,
makes me weary as days go by,
makes me so weary, hungry, cold,
I just want to cry. Die.

Days roll into weeks, months and years,
haven't seen the sun; brings me to tears.

Black snow and dirty rain,
air stings my eyes, so much pain.

No crops, no food, without spring or summer,
eating from cans is such a bummer.

How long this will last, I have no clue,
although I know the sun is long overdue.

Wait! I see… the clouds have parted!
Blue sky above, my gloom departed.

I know it's coming; I just know now,
here comes the sun again. Wow!

Angry Sky Courtesy WNNature.com

Angry Sky Courtesy WNNature.com

Whether it be volcano, nuclear war or meteor,
there is a scientific probability and possibility
that enough smoke and debris will be in the
atmosphere to create global winter or another
mini Ice Age that could last years. Society
as a whole, is not prepared to deal with years
without summer when crops won't grow. World food
supplies would only last a year or so.

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