Dangling Marsupial

Caught by a dangling marsupial,
I was distracted by my surprise.

The participle of the perforated pupil,
floated submerged before my eyes.

Faced with a bloated structure,
I had the refuse of gorging all pies.

Lacking in laconic lackluster love,
alliterated to locate less lucid lies.

Sleep cast a lightning quick shadow,
but allegorically didn't have my size.

Forced into a sleepless star dance,
I tripped over many artificial tries.

Shot from a cannon's belly birth,
always wore explosive IUD ties.

Concerned about apostrophe knees,
I, we, they, you and occasional mys.

Stuck with the proverbial iconic its,
it's no wonder I get over its capitalize.

While the dangling marsupial hangs over me,
it's time for plural’s Is to say my bye-byes.

Dangling Marsupial

Hangin' In


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