They say it is impulsive,
That carefully calculated line. 
That brings you to the edge,
That brings you every time. 

To where you’re really living,
And caution's to the wind. 
The adrenaline is flowing,
Your senses say you've sinned. 

To say we all are mortal,
Is an unchallenged truth. 
Hot blood running through our veins,
Is spilled but for youth.

So if you choose the comfort,
Of the middle road.
You will never know the glory,
Of stories often told. 

Of those that lived dangerously,
The ones they call, the bold. 
Who lived their lives their way,
Never to grow wise and old. 

Drawing of William Wallace, Scottish Brave Heart

William Wallace, the Scottish Braveheart

Copyright 2003 © Ronald W. Hull



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