Cup of Tea

You may live in fantasyland,
where you escape to be free,
I much prefer wonderful raw reality,
fantasy is not my cup of tea.

You may think that a designer drug,
will make you fly like an angel or bee,
and sing like a songbird's sweet melody.
Our bodies were not designed for drugs,
you're fooling you, but you're not fooling me.

You may indulge your favorite food,
and then lament you're out of shape.
You must exercise, my friend,
your mind and body to that end,
and not succumb to feed your fate.

Whatever your addiction, I don't want to hear
how you've tried and tried, but never got clear.
I'm not the cause of your selfish affliction,
only you can stop a stupid compulsion.

You may blame others for their misdeeds,
while you live your life the same.
While you over spend your capital endlessly,
not living the life you claim.

Ignorance is bliss and you always enlist,
because it's what everyone else does.
Act without thinking because it's, "right."
It helps you get through each long lonely night.

But in the end, we all must face the truth,
the life we live is all that we have.
Looking to save it somewhere else,
is simply ludicrous, my friend.

So if you savor a choice of fine wines,
a connoisseur of coffees and fine white lines,
that's not my cup of tea, my friend,
we're not fooling anyone in the end.

Creativity from a Pen

Image © Petr Kratochvil,

I find that many poets use poetry
to lament about their misgivings…

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