There are many crossroads to living, crossroads to life.  

Whether you are choosing a school to go to, or taking a wife.  

The choices are not easy; they are not fair.  

They are just choices, they are just there.  

Arriving at the crossroads, chooser beware.  

For you may think you know where you're going, but you're going nowhere.  

For many the first crossroad is when their parents divide.  

You beg, plead and cry to no avail, but they decide.  

Who you will stay with until you can't abide,

Living under their roof anymore with your maturity and pride.  

You take the road to work or school,

Whatever you decide. 

If you decide to marry, take a husband or a wife,

You must choose right, or suffer all your life.  

If you choose the wrong work, and end up getting fired,

You can depend on friends for little, as in debt you are mired.

Then comes disaster, with life's hardest knocks,

Wiping you out and leaving you shipwrecked on the rocks.  

So you start over and pick up the pieces,

Laying out your life map again, carefully folding the creases.  

Neatly, so that you will someday live with ease,

When along comes a life-threatening disease.  

Medicine or surgery, which will you choose?

Whatever it is; it's your health you lose.  

Finally in the end, you don't have to choose.  

In an obituary, you are just small news.

Copyright 2001 © Ronald W. Hull


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