Cross-Dressing Cowboy

Yer just a cross-dressing cowboy,
Ya ain't no good to me.
Cain't rope cows a-side saddle,
Lord, just let me be.

My ranchin' days near over.
Taxman got me flat.
Mad cow disease a-runnin' wild,
Beef ain't where it's at. (Refrain)

God knows I love this land,
Worked so hard to keep.
Chapter 7 was upon me,
Was in trouble deep. (Refrain)

About to sell to the man,
When this idea comes.
From an outhouse magazine,
Right there under my thumbs. (Refrain)

Says they're city slickers,
Who'll pay to ride the ranch.
So I put an ad in there,
Calling my place -- West Branch. (Refrain)

Come Sunday so many,
Arrived at my gate.
I needed help a-plenty
Fore it was too late. (Refrain)

Hired me one Joe Pansey,
Thought his name was strange.
Said he could rope and ride,
So I handed him the reins. (Refrain)

Decorated my ranch house,
To my guests fond raves.
Served them gourmet barbecue,
With swishes, winks and waves. (Refrain)

Finally got me a housewife,
After all these years.
But I just need a good cowhand,
And it's driving me to tears. (Refrain)

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