Creature of the Dark


Kiss the day good bye, the night is nigh.

Spread your wings and fly, through the darking sky.


Cloak the moon with misty vapors; strike a contrast sharp as rapier's.

Edge in black and white; such is the night.


Hear the wild dog's lonely howl, or the hooting of an owl,

Communicating with the night, mournful sound replacing light.


Cutting through the darkly gloom, forming an earshot room.

Without boundaries, without walls, still defining all that falls.


Within the calls, bats use the night to see.

As the possum leaves his tree, hunting with eyes big like glee.


Improved sight; the dark his light; the night his might.

For a million years of primal fears for those who cannot see.


And fear the coming of the night with an awful fright,

That comes from never seeing the shaded light of night.


So turn up the music and on the bright electric light, cloak your fear in boisterous delight.

Let ghoulish thoughts fill your fitfully restless attempt at dream sleep.


I prefer the soft wing rustles and peaceful stillness of the dark deep,

And to wander, alert without sleep, throughout the long dark night.


Copyright 2000 © Ronald W. Hull




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