If creativity is your proclivity,
then why dawdle about?

Get your foot out of your rear,
and stop playing down and out.

Daylight is burning in the midday sun,
and you haven't figured out how to have fun?

Don't walk… get out and run!

For life's a box of chocolate cherries,
and we can cherry pick what we want.

We don't have to hand write well anymore,
 just pick out a beautiful font.

We can color it myriad to make glorious art,
we just have to pick from a rainbow chart.

Draw with your finger, draw with your tongue,
a glance of your eye, or a thought on the run.

A new world of creation is at your command,
app yourself up, and create a new land.

Where you can be happy, and fear no more,
cast out the ghosts, breathe like never before.

The world is your oyster, don't get stuck on the shoals,
get yourself going and establish some goals.

"We are all creative," a fine poet once wrote,
so wake up and get up, cross over that moat.

"Those who aren't busy living, are busy dying."
The poet of the 20th century once sang.

Ring in the new century with your bell rang.

Creativity from a Pen

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We all are creative in our own way,
but it takes dedication, determination and drive
to bring it to the point of recognition and second nature.

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